Vegan Restaurant

Welcome to I Am Vegan Babe, a sanctuary for plant-based cuisine nestled in the heart of Bali, Indonesia. As a premier vegan restaurant in Bali, we are dedicated to crafting dishes that inspire and delight every palate.

At I Am Vegan Babe, our mission is simple: to celebrate the abundance of nature while providing meals that are both nourishing and unforgettable. We believe that vegan food should be about pleasure, health, and sustainability, and our menu reflects our commitment to these values.

Our journey began with a vision to create a dining experience that is inclusive and transformative. Each ingredient is carefully selected from local sources, ensuring that our food is fresh and supports the community. Our chefs combine traditional Balinese flavors with modern culinary techniques to create innovative vegan dishes that resonate with locals and travelers alike.

I Am Vegan Babe is more than just a restaurant; it's a community hub where vegans, vegetarians, and food enthusiasts can come together to enjoy delicious meals in a serene and welcoming environment. Whether you're a longtime vegan or simply curious about plant-based dining, our doors are open to all.

Join us at I Am Vegan Babe, your vegan restaurant in Bali, Indonesia, where each meal is prepared with love and respect for our planet. Experience the vibrant flavors of Bali through our diverse and creative menu that promises to elevate your dining experience.

We are excited to welcome you and share the joy of plant-based living. Come savor the taste of Bali with us!